Elephant in the Room

Can we get something awkward out of the way real quick?  We can still be friends even if you use another photographer.

Let me explain.

We all start somewhere (we’re about to walk down memory lane together in a bit).  I’ve been at this whole photography gig now for oh about 8 years–3.5 of those have been my full-time job, and 1 of those now a husband and wife team.  I compare this to my first year teaching… man I sure hope they learned something ;).  I grew as a teacher, and I’ve grown as a photographer—see below from my first paid sessions from Wichita in 2010.


I believe these sessions were $50 and included a CD.  (I also didn’t pay taxes and didn’t have 4 kids, eek!)  Some of you have literally been there every second of this journey, and I can’t thank you enough for that.   With lots and lots of sessions (over 800!) I’ve met some INCREDIBLE people.  And, I LOVE people.   You are why I’m writing this.

I tend to get attached easily and usually your kids want to go home with me (sorry, kind of).  I’m not just ‘business’ and that’s my fault… and why this is awkward.  Unless your budget has increased significantly you may have been unable to stick with me–and that’s okay.  There’s a Von Maur in the mall, and I’ve never stepped foot in it–because that’s not what I value.  Now as snobby as that sounds (comparing myself to Von Maur), I get it… and sometimes there’s that awkward “can I still talk to her if she doesn’t take my pictures?”  And the answer is YES.  Will my feelings be hurt if you use another photographer?  No.  I will be sad, though, because I’ve loved getting to know your family and *wish* I could continue to take your photos, but I know that isn’t fair to my family.  You don’t have to make excuses on why you decided to go somewhere else, I promise.  Maybe I wasn’t your style, I was too expensive, my communication wasn’t good enough…

I am running a business and burnout and bills are real.  I’m committed to taking better care of the clients I have, and if I don’t say ‘no’ ever I cannot do that.  We are providing a service far different than mailing your photos on a disc.  I’m not here to defend our pricing because we hash out frequently the ins/outs and believe me we aren’t millionaires by any means. 😉

So the point of this?  Yes, it may be a little awkward when I’ve seen on social media that you went somewhere else.  But, it’s okay.  We’ll push past the awkward, and we still appreciate your following on social media and sharing our business with others. There are a million and one photographers out there and there should be someone to suit everyone’s needs. 😉


Photo courtesy of the talented and sweet Allie Burns Photography.


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