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Birth is a lot like your wedding day.  You plan for it, dream of how it’ll be and anticipate the days awaiting it.  This was my second-to-longest birth I’ve attended as I was there a whopping 17 hours.  Let me tell you, though, this momma worked HARD to get this baby out.  He ended up being posterior and just would not come out on his own.  *this* right here is what would push me over into more of a doula role.  Being ‘just the photographer’ has me bite my tongue a lot as I’m a guest and not a medical professional.  I wish I could’ve supported this momma even more.  (She did ask me a few times ‘what she should do’ and she tried it!)  I did get to witness the sweetest nurse as she stayed past her shift to support momma.  She saw she was defeated and scared.  Her birth didn’t go the way she had ‘planned’ one bit, but one silver-lining is seriously these photos.  She would’ve missed his weight, measurements, first bath, first outfit, first time daddy held his son….  she has a special place in my heart as I grieved her birth with her.  Please don’t misunderstand me by thinking a c-section is the worst ending of a birth.  It isn’t and wasn’t.  It’s just not what she desired.  But, knowing her strong-willed awesomeness I know she’ll rock a VBAC for baby #2. 😉  And THANK YOU to this hospital (and her doctor) for letting me in the OR!!

Happy first birthday little man!  Your momma is a warrior!


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