|Baby Bentley| Wichita Birth Photographer

On the SAME day (April 5th) another baby made her entrance!  A few interesting things—1. she was supposed to come in for her induction this same morning but went into labor naturally. 2. Her son BROKE his arm the night before when she was in labor!  3.  I literally went to sleep a few hours after one birth and then walked in right as she was pushing (she transitioned super quick), but I made it! 4. She had the same OB as the other birth on the same day! and 5. St. Joe Via Christi has the BEST light. 😉

Cannot believe this beauty just celebrated her first birthday!  Such an honor to capture her maternity, birth, six months, and one year!  I absolutely LOVE getting to know a family throughout a year! Happy birthday sweet Bentley!


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