A Peek at our New Studio!

I feel like photos don’t even do this place justice–it’s my sanctuary.  It’s white (well ivory), clean, smells yummy, has beautiful light and none of my four children are allowed to wreck it. 😉  I owe this beautiful space all to my husband as he worked tirelessly  from October 2016-January 2017 when it was finished—well it’s about 95% finished.  We have a few things here and there to do still, buuuut time and money. 😉

I look forward to the time I spend in this place daily and love spoiling families when they visit me.  Thank you for taking a peek around and if you didn’t join us for our open house I hope you love what you see!  Oh!  And the winner of a free session for visiting our open house…. issss….. Stephanie Salmans!  Congratulations and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Everything in here is literally DIY.  And by ‘yourself’ I mean my incredibly talented husband (with the manpower of some friends!).  I still can’t believe it!  Now to work on the rest of our house… because it’s been a little neglected, and since we bring clients here and all it should probably look presentable. 🙂  One day at a time, right?!  #ifonlymoneygrewontrees

I still cannot believe I get to do this life with my very best friend!  God is good, and we look forward to the ministry opportunities He brings us!

Oh, so first let’s look at some before photos…because who doesn’t love that?!  I’m honestly not sure how we survived adding two kids to our family (through foster care), moving to a new home, then we all got lice!??!?!!!!, and a busy busy fall season as a photographer!  Glad we made it out alive and so thankful for all of you support!




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