Baby Noelle | Wichita Birth Photographer

This birth will always be extra special because this momma trusted her body and ended up delivering her own baby on the floor!  (with the nurse’s help of course)  It was seriously amazing, and I was SO proud of her.  She was literally just checked, was only a 7 and feeling discouraged.  Her extra awesome nurse, Brandi, knew she needed some help so she suggested her getting on the floor, on all 4s, and she squeezed her hips to provide pressure during contractions (and all the unblocked moms said AMEN!).  Moments later we had a baby before anyone made it in!  When her OB arrived just 10 minutes or so after he was smiling ear-to-ear and congratulating her.  I remember him saying, “this is the way birth is supposed to happen.  Us doctors are just here to help if needed”.  Warmed my heart x1000000.

Sweet Noelle you are so loved by so many!  And your momma is quite the warrior (her pit was even on 20+).  I pray this year brings just as many sweet blessings for your family!

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