I have so many words for this day that are difficult to put together.  I didn’t cry at our wedding or either of my births but this dayyyyyy woah.  When you see God all over something and He chooses YOU to be a part it’s a little overwhelming.  This was a dream day and still feels unreal.  What really, really gets me is all of these people who celebrated with us.  Very few of our blood family showed up but over HALF are birth photography clients.  THAT is overwhelming.  The other half is our new family and that’s a whole other pile of tears.  Thankful.  We are just so thankful.

2 years of respite/foster care we can now share their sweet faces.  Meet Breyanna Nichole (9) and Blayne Lee (4).

And super special thanks to Allie Burns for the beautiful memories through photos, Rebecca for the yummy cupcakes, sweet Bekah for making our matching skirts (Bree’s idea), aunt Jess and Tara for the amazing party and all the planning that went into it, and for all the super thoughtful gifts everyone blessed us with along with the constant prayer and positivity!  Your friendships mean the world to us!

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