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Most of the time after a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep session I never hear again from parents–which I don’t expect to.  But this story right here cements everything.  I met this sweet family late one evening after their son Eli was rushed to Wesley from another hospital and passed shortly after.  He was born full-term and this was the last thing anyone expected.  To see his family weep over him and his sweet mama slowly bathe him and comb his hair was one of those moments where your heart just leaves so, so heavy.

Fast-forward a of couple days, and I see them again at the mall!  Strange I thought, and I didn’t have a clue whether to say hello or just walk by.  Come to find out they had seen me too and the same thoughts crossed their minds.

Fast-forward a couple of months to the sweetest email from his mama just thanking me for her photos and sharing her blog with me.

Fast-forward a couple more months, and I’m mentoring her with her photography and helping her get her business rolling so she can stay home with her rainbow baby.

A few months later we’re taking maternity photos then newborn photos and WOAH has this couple just blessed me more than they can even understand.

To see this terrible situation have an opportunity for a happy(ier) next stage is just what my heart needed.  Now she has a thriving photography business ( in honor of her son AND a beautiful little girl that is a spitting image of her big brother.

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