Baby Daphne | Wichita Birth Photographer

When I met Jenny I knew we’d get along great.  She’s unbelievably kind and has one of those spirits that just makes you smile.  She knew exactly how she was ‘wanted’ her birth but as we know births never go completely as planned.  But, other than delivering on actual Christmas (which was a treat!), I think she got the birth she envisioned–and she so deserved it.  She brought her sweet daughter into the world with such grace and we didn’t know exactly how close she was until she says, ‘oh I feel the head’.  She also feared the photos may not show joy (something I, too, felt after each delivery—I wasn’t weepy or smiling from ear-to-ear or any of that), but after she delivered everyone was all smiles.  So proud of you friend and if you decide to have more babies I sure won’t complain. 😉

Happy first birthday sweet Daphne–you sure are loved!  Enjoy a few maternity, birth, and newborn favorites!

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