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You may notice I don’t photograph a tonnnnn of families (without babies in bellies that is).  That doesn’t mean I don’t photograph families though, the maternity, births, newborn, and milestones keep me nice and busy!  I really enjoy families and honestly the more kiddos the better–extra fun!  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions followed by one of my very favorite sessions (and families!) from 2017!  Enjoy, and I look forward to meeting your family soon!

First and foremost question always asked.  Pricing.  Give me all the details now.

We have two packages!

  • $650 – deluxe
    • Pre-consult to plan your session (email, phone, in person, whatevs!)
    • Stylized wardrobe guide and outfit planning/help!  (most stressful part AM I RIGHT?!)
    • 1-2 hour session time
    • A full set of 4×6 prints or a 10×10-20 page layflat album
    • Alllll those high-res digitals
    • Print release (just swear to me you won’t go to Walgreens.  Mkay?)
  • $450 – basic
    • All that ^ minus the album/prints
  • You can add a 1-2 minute family video for $200!  These are sooooo special!

Okay wait.  Over $400 for FAMILY PHOTOS?  But my friend will do them for $50.

Girl if that’s your first reaction call that friend and goooooo with it!  Don’t break your bank to book a session with me.  I personally appreciate quality photos BUT more so someone who’s in it with me and will get my kids to cooperate AND make me look good.  That’s not going to happen for $50 and we book a session yearly with an amazing photographer and PAY!  (Hey Allie heyyyyy!)  But, I can’t tell you how many dads will say (after they’ve used another photographer) *THAT* was no Tiffany.  We’re going back to her.  Photos are serious for us mamas.

Okay okay.  So then do you offer payment plans at least?

We’re a family of six and this is our sole income so OF COURSE we do.  We do a $200 deposit then you can chip away from there as you please until you’re paid off!  If that $200 isn’t possible for you then you need to go somewhere else cheaper and put your money toward your family.  I say this with the *best* intentions.  I’ve actually had to turn away clients because of this.  Anyway we have no due dates or specific amounts after your deposit!  We have people pay in full, some 1/2 and 1/2 and some literally pay $50/$100 a month.  No judgement here—we aren’t made of money either!  Oh, and thanks for feeding my family.  Like seriously.  You’ll get your photos when your tab is paid off. 😉

How do I get my pics?  Do you offer printing?

If you’ve noticed we’ve actually lowered our prices this year.  While we’ve enjoyed the last two years of Mike and I working together (basically a photo Chip and Joanna 😉 ) we’ve realized this model is MUCH more time-consuming (and costly!).  We’ve recently planted a church and he needs to put his efforts there.  Also, he’ll be leaving for 3 months this year for Air Force officer training.  So we feel the ‘shoot and burn’ model is better for us right now because I can’t possibly do what he did with homeschooling four kiddos too.  This saddens me because we don’t get to see your ‘first look’ of your photos anymore, we won’t be printing/building albums/ordering as many products, and the whole experience will be a little shorter.  Meh.  But something has to give, and I know this model will save us time.  Just PROMISE me you’ll print.  PLEASE?  Don’t let them just get buried on social media.  So you’ll get your images via an online gallery and can download from there and print!  Or I can mail you a USB for a teeny up-charge (those things aren’t cheap!).  You’ll get a print release too!  That being said, if you ask me to print for you, I’ll be HAPPY to.  I might even kiss you on the mouth I’ll be so happy.  Just be patient and let me order/build you album in my pjs during nap time.  I’ll get it done though!

Where do you shoot?  Do you travel?

I’m a sucker for nature centers but love me some sweet downtown spots too!  I have LOTS of ideas and will practically just pick for you once we find out the vision for your session.  I’ll drive up to 30 miles no extra charge.  After that hand over some gas money, k?  #momoffour

When do you shoot?

Either sunrise or sunset if outdoor.  I don’t really waiver on this.  I understand bedtimes and cranky kids but just read down there and you’ll see more on that.  Trust me with that light.  If we’re indoor we can be more flexible and will actually avoid the harsher light.  I can come to your home too!  Especially if you have a Pinterest/neutral home—show that sucker off—I know how hard you’ve worked on it!  If the weather is yuck I have a few favorite indoor spots we’ll check out. 🙂  As for days I shoot on Mondays-Thursdays and Saturdays.  My Saturdays are booked weeks out so email early for one of those!  Have I had clients pull their children out of school a few minutes early for a ‘dentist appointment’?  Neither confirming or denying.

How many photos can I expect?

35-50 minimum!  I’m a seasoned shooter so I don’t really believe in giving you 100-200 + images.  That just makes it harder for you to choose.  I know what looks good and have a trained eye to tell your story without you having to narrow those suckers down for your Christmas card or Facebook collage.

I looovvveeee color photos.  Tell me about that.

Every photo you’ll receive will be in color.  I’ll duplicate a few for ones that just scream black-and-white.  So don’t worry, you’ll get both!

How would you describe your style?

Definitely clean editing but with colors that pop.  I don’t follow many editing trends as those are just trends and will soon be something else.  So PAHLEEZE don’t Instagram filter my photos!  (palm to forehead)  I like crisp photos and give me all the creamy, bokeh backgrounds with lots of pretty sunlight!  I enjoy authentic smiles and laughter and will pull out the fart jokes don’t you worry.

What combination of photos will you take?

All the combinations.

Individuals, just the kiddos, you and daddy, mommy/son, daddy/daughter, mommy/kiddos, all the boys, all the girls, you get the idea.

I notice you chop off heads a lot.  Is that on purpose?

I notice you need to touch up your roots.  You’re welcome.  Kidding.  TOTALLY KIDDING.  Stop right here and don’t hire me if you don’t appreciate my humor—-you’ll be better off because I’ll offend the heck out of you.  Ha.  Okay but really I feel like some shots just need to be zoomed in on the emotion of the photo–what’s really telling your story?  Is it your baby’s hand playing with your hair?  Is it you lips parted ready to kiss the love of your life?  Just trust me.  I know what I’m doing.  I’ll leave your heads on for a few.

My significant other LOATHES photos.  Is this even going to work?

Yes.  I will yell “boobs” if I need.  (I’ve totally done this at a senior session but really not likely if your children are around.. I’m not that indecent of a person)  I’ll address his hate from the beginning and make light of it.  I’ll use sarcasm and butter him up.  This is seriously why you pay me the big bucks.  (For the record in over 1,000 sessions I feel like only one dad has utterly not appreciated my humor—-but ironically they keep coming back to me 😉 )

My baby.  Cried.  The.  Whole.  Time.  I can’t even fully put a sentence together right now I’m so embarrassed.

I’ve only ever had to redo one session for a child I couldn’t win over.  (in over 1,000!)  If you stress a little less and trust me I’ve got a BAG of tricks that will get some good photos out of your child, promise.  I can’t tell you how many emails/texts after, “I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU GOT THOSE”.  If your child is the second worst photo shoot of mine ever then I’ll offer a reshoot. 😉

What do I wear?  I’m overweight and have nothing in my closet.

This calls for my style guide that will be emailed to you when you book your session to help planning!  I also own a phone that receives picture messages (crazy right?!) so send ’em over from the dressing room, and I’ll help a girl out. 😉  As for your extra softness around your bones girl I’m there.  We alllll are.  Thankfully I’ll pose you in the most flattering way, and I won’t allow my camera to add ten pounds.  Nope not allowed.


Lastly, most of the photos you post no one is looking at the camera.  My grandma won’t like that.

Yeah neither will mine.  But she’ll be okay because you’ll get a handful of photos with everyone looking and smiling, scouts honor.  (I wasn’t a scout but was in 4H so that counts right?!)

That wraps up those!  If you have more send them my way and if you made it this far well thanks friend!  Can’t wait to see your face and give you some amazing memories!



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