About Us

Who We Are

We’re a husband-and-wife photography team where Tiffany plans, takes and edits your photos while Mike does all the behind-the-scenes (boring) stuff.  Kidding.  He does do all the bookwork, taxes, and money, but also gets to see your first reaction to your photos, builds your album, and delivers your images.  He also builds props and fixes things that his family breaks (whoops).  Mike is in the Air Force Reserves training to be a chaplain where he uses his Masters of Divinity to help spread the Gospel.  Tiffany homeschools using her degree in Elementary Education when she’s not working and tries to maintain some sanity.  Yes, we know our degrees have nothing to do with photography. 😉

Where We Work

God has given us the opportunity to work from home where Mike gutted and rebuilt our home studio south of Haysville, KS.  You can see our oasis (aka get away from the kids) here.  Here we take newborn, milk bath, and some milestone photos as well as the place you’ll view your photos.  There’s even a stocked fridge. 😉  Most of Tiffany’s shooting is done at either sunrise or sunset to get the yummiest God-given light.

How We Got Started

Tiffany’s had a camera in her hands all her life and has pruned her skills through hard work and practice.   A photographer life isn’t always glamorous but through dedication and a passion for people our business has supported us both working from home for the past 2 years.  Since her first paid gig in 2008 she has photographed over 1,000 sessions and 80 birth stories.  THAT is a huge honor that we don’t take for granted!

Tiffany: Birth photography is my biggest passion (well birth in general… give me all the placentas!), and I light up most getting to know an expectant momma or snuggling a fresh baby.  My greatest hope through my photos is showing women they have a voice and choices in their birth.

Anytime I’m behind the camera I’m pretty much in my element (super awkward in front of it!).  I’m drawn to children and thrive on getting authentic smiles and laughter.  I believe in photography being more than just a Facebook profile picture.  I want to provide tangible products and memories for your family to keep for years ahead and pass down to your grandchildren.  You’ll truly never know how much a photo can mean until it’s all you have left.

What’s in the Bag

We have two Canon 5D Mark III bodies, an 85mm 1.2, and 35mm 1.2 along with candy for bribery and extra lens caps when Tiff loses hers.




The Why

Two grew in my womb and two we hand-picked through fostering and adopting (finalized August 2017). Raising these four is the most difficult thing we’ve ever done but the most rewarding as cliché as that is.  We’re not just raising children—we’re raising sensitive, loving souls who are quick to help, have a desire to learn, and are found in the likeness of Christ.

Our oldest, Breyanna, has the sweetest heart, is creative, loves to learn and is mom’s best helper.  She likes to match her mom, help cook, and toot on her little brothers.  Oh, and she’ll FOREVER remember your little one(s), either here on Earth or ones in Heaven.  I’m not even kidding.

Jude, “Jude Bear”, is witty, loves bugs and any creature, gives the best hugs and kisses, and can always be found outside. 

Blayne, “Blayner Boo”, has the most contagious smile, loves sports, has lots of energy, desires to be around others, and loves swimming. 

Gus, the baby with a thousand nicknames, is just that, the baby.  He makes himself laugh (which makes us all laugh), picks mom over anyone, loves animals, hugging, and Moana (and whining and drooling).


Mike likes coffee and she does not.  He is always hot while she is cold.  He’s laid-back and she doesn’t know how to relax.  He wakes up early and she’s the night owl.  She’s the organizer and list maker and he’s the follow through.  He watches the Office while she’s reading fiction.  She can talk to anyone about anything…he’s gotten better at it. 😉  He likes to run while she’d rather fold laundry (that’s a serious dislike for running!)  She doesn’t know how to build a thing while he can whip up a table in a day.  A complete image of ‘opposites attract’ but proof of God’s faithfulness.  They’re best friends–still holding hands and grossing the kids out.  They have weekly date nights and put each other first after God.  Nearly ten years of marriage down and 50 to go!


Photo Credit: The Lovely Allie Burns Photography