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Daughter of the King + Wife + Mother + Photographer + Foster/adoptive momma + Former elementary school teacher = ME   I’m Tiffany and the blessed wife to my best friend and soulmate Mike. We’re excited to have joined forces, and I feel so at peace with our decision to bring Mike on as a business partner.  There’s truly no one I’d rather do life with and what an amazing opportunity to work together while raising our children and providing clients with an unmatchedView full post »


Slave to Christ + Husband (fixer) + Father (wrestling tickle monster) + Product Consultant/Business Manager + Foster/adoptive dad + Pursuing pastor/chaplain assistant = me   I’ve always had a passion for presenting a new way to look at things. When I am able to get a response from a person seeing something in a new way, my world is good. I’m also sarcastic (so everything I say is serious) (I like parentheses) (parentheses are the new hashtag) #parentheses. You can read more abstractView full post »

The Boys

We are Jude and Gus! And we are: silly giggly slobbery goofy stinky funny busy and the reason our parents work so hard I’m Jude (the one kissing my mom…she’s my favorite), and I am just like any other toddler boy.  I like playing with rocks and sticks, digging in dirt, and pretty much anything outside.  I enjoying making messes for my mom to clean up (I do help clean too), and she says she still loves me.  My dad is my favorite person to wrestle, and I like playingView full post »

One Epic Team

Mr. and Mrs. T.Marie