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PINSlave to Christ


Husband (fixer)


Father (wrestling tickle monster)


Product Consultant/Business Manager


Foster/adoptive dad


Pursuing pastor/chaplain assistant

= me


I’ve always had a passion for presenting a new way to look at things. When I am able to get a response from a person seeing something in a new way, my world is good. I’m also sarcastic (so everything I say is serious) (I like parentheses) (parentheses are the new hashtag) #parentheses.

You can read more abstract thoughts that run through my head at https://siftingthenorm.wordpress.com.

My purpose in life is to show people the love of Christ.  He is the reason I exist.  I probably should have been an engineer, because I am always seeing, building, and rendering new ways to construct things.  However, I find my life more meaningful by allowing God to use my weaknesses (speaking, writing, engaging people) to His glory.  Therefore, my life is and will be spent speaking, writing, and engaging people to relentlessly chase His glory and purpose for their lives.