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The Boys


We are Jude and Gus!

And we are:

  • silly
  • giggly
  • slobbery
  • goofy
  • stinky
  • funny
  • busy
  • and the reason our parents work so hard

I’m Jude (the one kissing my mom…she’s my favorite), and I am just like any other toddler boy.  I like playing with rocks and sticks, digging in dirt, and pretty much anything outside.  I enjoying making messes for my mom to clean up (I do help clean too), and she says she still loves me.  My dad is my favorite person to wrestle, and I like playing hide-and-see with him.  My mom gives me candy after she takes my photo so I’ll pretty much do anything she asks.  Oh, and if you hear someone ROAR-ing, it’s me: Jude the dinosaur.  I have roaring powers.

I’m Gus (the one nomming on my hands).  I’ve been teething my whole life and slobber buckets full.  My mom had me at home in the water and that was a pretty cool ride.  She says I’m a rotten baby, but I really just like her attention every waking moment (oh and when she’s sleeping too).  I’m on the move and love watching my big brother play.  I’m excited to grow up with him, wrestle and build with dad, and make messes and drive mom crazy.