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I’m Tiffany and the blessed wife to my best friend and soulmate Mike. We’re excited to have joined forces, and I feel so at peace with our decision to bring Mike on as a business partner.  There’s truly no one I’d rather do life with and what an amazing opportunity to work together while raising our children and providing clients with an unmatched photography experience.

I’ve had a camera in my hands all my life and have pruned my skills through hard work and practice.  Being a photographer isn’t always glamorous but through dedication and a passion for people my business has developed since my first paid gig in 2008.

Birth photography is my biggest passion (well birth in general… I’m a birth junkie for sure!), and I light up most getting to know an expectant momma or snuggling a fresh baby.  My main goal through my photos is showing women they have a voice and choices in their birth.

Anytime I’m behind the camera I’m pretty much in my element (super awkward in front of it!).  I’m drawn to children and thrive on getting authentic smiles and laughter.  I believe in photography being more than just a Facebook profile picture.  I want to provide tangible products and memories for your family to keep for years ahead and pass down to your grandchildren.  You’ll truly never know how much a photo can mean until it’s all you have left.

And to the more serious stuff… I love to shop and decorate.  My house is full of Pinterest projects and am always trying something new.  I drink iced milk through a straw for every meal.  I eat ice cream nearly every day with my favorites being mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough.  I stink at answering the phone and returning calls (need to work on that).  I’m always multi-tasking with a to-do list and have trouble just relaxing.   I can usually be found wearing leggings, boots, and scarves.  I’m passionate about foster care and adoption (I was in the system about 7 years and adopted at 14).  My children are everything to me, and I’d easily give my life for them.  We long for a large family to give our kids the life we never had and start a new generation of a big loving family for them.  (Oh and I like speaking in parethenses)

Nothing on this Earth belongs to me or is going with me so I’m here to love and serve others until the end (oh and take your pictures).