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Lots of cheesy ahead… you’ve been warned.

We started dating when I was 17.

Married when I was 19.

First baby at 24.

Four babies since (adopting 2 of the 4).

He really is my best friend.

My favorite person to be around.

My first (and last) kiss.

He brings me down several notches–helps me enjoy life.

When I’m being impatient, stressed, or just plain crazy he asks how he can help.

I don’t tell him enough–I’m so proud. Thank you. You’re doing great.

I tend to dwell on the ‘next steps’, or ways to improve, how to be more efficient, marking things off our list.  I need to stop, be content, and just look at this HANDSOME man I married.

I can count on one hand how many times a year we argue.

We really go together like eggs and bacon, bees and honey, peanut butter and jelly.  Basically all food references.

We still hold hands, he grabs my booty in front of our kids, go on weekly date nights, he makes me blush (and laugh at his dumbness!), he rubs my back, serves me breakfast in bed…

Michael, I love you with my whole heart and you had better not die before me.  Thank you for the way you lead our family.  The past 9 years of marriage have flown by, and I just hope the rest slow down so we don’t miss them.  Love you!

Our friend Katie took our engagement and wedding photos and Allie Burns took our anniversary pics.  Thank you ladies!



I think every photographer’s dream is to photograph triplets—multiples of any number really.  I was honored when I was asked to capture their birthday, NICU, and newborn photos.  This family quickly expanded, and I honestly don’t know how she does it!  Also, this day is pretty special because it’s my anniversary as well!  Happy first birthday you three sweeties!



I’ve loved every second getting to know this family (and wish we lived closer!).  I was honored to attend her big sister’s birth and nearly made hers (walked—errr—ran in before the cord was cut!).  This little girl is a MIRACLE and there’s no other way to describe it.  Her video will share more of her story here:

Her momma is a true Proverbs 31 woman, and is a huge inspiration for me.  Also, she’s a tough little stink (reason why I missed her birth).  If you’re going natural don’t wait until you’re DYING because that’ll be too late for me to come. 😉  Anyway, enjoy a few from her maternity session taken in Arkansas City, Kansas and her birth in Ponca City, OK.

Happy FIRST birthday little Marlowe, you are so loved!




This has to be one of the sweetest families I know, and through photos, have definitely become friends.  After having suffered losing their second little girl, they’ve since welcomed two more and this family of six certainly shines in front of the camera.  Enjoy a few from Jackie’s maternity, birth, and newborn session.  I cannot believe little Q just celebrated his first birthday!



I photographed big brother Chas from newborn through 1 year, and I was delighted to find out he was having a little brother!  His momma had a wonderful birth team (Dr. Jensen and Cynthia Barger from www.wichitabirths.com) and of course her sweet husband.  She brought beautiful Kyrie earth side in the wee hours of Mother’s Day morning last year–a wonderful way to celebrate!  She labored a looonnngggg time but achieved her Vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) with grace!  Enjoy his birth story, newborn photos, and a few from his one year session!   I’ll sure miss this family!