Birth FAQs


If something doesn’t get answered here, please contact me for more info.  I’d love to answer any questions you might have.


Why do I need to hire a professional?  Can’t we just take the photos ourselves?
With my first birth I didn’t want to mess with a camera so we took a handful of images (blurry ones at that) with my husband’s iPhone.  I can never get those moments back and certainly changed that for my second.  I thought I may feel it was ‘unfair’ to have amazing photos for one birth but not the other.  But honestly?  My favorite photos are the ones with big brother in them!  Hiring a professional who understands tricky lighting and can capture everyone (so dad can be in the pictures as well and not behind the camera) will help you enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

When should I hire you?
First know I limit myself to no more than 3 births a month. I take pride in each story and certainly don’t want to miss one by overlapping. Contact me within your second trimester with your due date or earlier to check availability.  I thrive on planning ahead!  Some let me know literally as they pee on their stick, I pencil you in, and we officially book at your second trimester.

All the fun stuff—cost, payment plans, credit cards, blah, blah, blah.
Birth stories start at $1000.  This includes all of your digital files, consultation and scheduling, my time, being on call around-the-clock, editing, etc.  I require a $300 deposit.  The rest will be due 2 weeks before your due date.  Payment plans are available (just let me know what works best for you, and I’ll offer typical plans) and all major credit cards are accepted.  All photos will be released to you once your payment has been made in full.

What will my care provider think?
Birth photography is growing more and more popular. Most doctors/midwives will be familiar with the idea and welcome it. You ultimately are the one who gets to make the decision so be sure to discuss hospital policies and any preferences your doctor might have before you go into labor.

Do you offer maternity and newborn sessions too?
Yes!  Your maternity session is included and milestone sessions can be added for an additional $100 per session.

What things will you bring to the shoot?   Will you have a million pieces: tripod, flash stands, and three cameras?
Um, no. I’ll have my trusty camera (some batteries and memory cards), an extra lens, maybe an on-camera flash (which I prefer not to use unless it’s pitch black), and myself. My goal is for you to not even know I’m there. We can talk if you are a talker, or I’ll remain quiet and let you soak up all the moments.  Basically I take the approach of a ‘fly on the wall’ unless you interact with me.

I feel fat and gross now, why the heck would I want photographs of me in labor?? What are you actually taking pictures of?
I think my middle name is self-conscious (something I’m working on daily with God’s help). When I was pregnant I had cankles the size of my neck, more stretch marks than you could count, and of course very little make up during delivery. Let’s face it—when you’re delivering you aren’t going to look like a supermodel, sorry. BUT you are beautiful and you are bringing someone even more beautiful into this world. You have nothing to be ashamed of and every photo I take will be from a flattering angle and of course your best sides. 😉

I want this to be a quiet and intimate experience. I especially don’t want to feel like my lady-parts are being photographed by the paparazzi.
This makes me laugh. Sorry to burst your bubble again, but I’m there for that sweet baby. He/she will be my main focus with you and your family being in a few as well. Your photos will lean toward a journalistic style with most being black and white. I will get all details from the contraction monitor to baby footprints. During delivery, I’ll be sure to stay on your side from what you’re able to see. No worries, the lady-parts will remain unseen.  (unless that’s something you’re wishing for and your care provider is okay with it!)


When should I let you know ‘it’s time’?
I appreciate a courtesy text when you’re in labor or admitted to the hospital so I can arrange my day and be ready when you need me.  You should call me when it feels right to you (even if it’s 2am!). This will most likely be when you are dilated to a 6 or in active labor. Consider your previous pregnancies (if you’ve had them), were they long, short, etc? But, I would rather err on the safe side, so if you feel like it’s time—it’s time. Give me half an hour to get to you (unless you want me to look like a zombie and get a speeding ticket). Oh and if you’ve scheduled an induction or cesarean, then that’s easy, just let me know what time you’re scheduled!

How long will you stay?
Birth is unpredictable; I’ll be there as long as you need me. If you have a long labor, then I’m in for the long-haul (maybe with a few restroom/snack breaks if time allows). I’ll typically shoot during some contractions and laboring, the birth, and two hours after the birth as family arrives, baby is screened, baby gets his/her first bath, etc. Please beware of those photographers with time constraints or hourly fees! That’s not how I roll!  You can’t put a time limit on babies and laboring mommas!

What will it be like having you there?
I take a ‘fly on the wall’ type approach.  If you engage in conversation with me, I will interact.  If not, I’ll shoot as needed (with a silent shutter so you don’t just hear ‘click’ ‘click’ click’), and I’ll take some breaks to give you time alone.  You don’t need 1,431 pictures of you in a tub.  I am a huge believer in respecting the birth space, and the last thing I want to be is a distraction.  Most of the time you’ll see me in a corner reading a book on my phone.  I’m basically part ninja.

What if I have a C-section?
Things happen. You are no different to me than a vaginal birth and are as equally important. In this case I strongly recommend still allowing me to follow into the operating room to capture these beautiful moments. I can advocate my presence, but no one can advocate better than you! Most doctors will be fine with this, I just might need a little help from you. If not, though, I’ll be ready immediately after to capture all of the sweet moments to follow and can send my camera in with daddy. If you schedule one, I’m still very happy to attend! You are bringing a beautiful soul into this world and your moments deserve to be captured just as much! It is typically easier to pre-arrange for my presence with your doctor and hospital when having a planned Cesarean.

What if something unexpected happens?
Let’s face it—things happen and babies are the most unpredictable creatures on Earth (God bless them!). If something unexpected (or tragic) happens, I will have the upmost respect but will still shoot unless you tell me to stop. If your baby goes to the NICU, I will shoot as they allow (depending on hospital policies), respecting everyone’s space. Although this can be a scary time, this little life deserves to be captured and memories you can celebrate later. Heaven forbid your baby doesn’t enter the world as you expected, although through tears, I will continue shooting unless you ask me to stop. This baby still deserves the memory and special moments as with a ‘typical delivery’. You are the boss momma.


How many images can I expect?
A typical birth story consists of 100-150 hand-edited, high-resolution images. Most will be black and white as I feel it portrays a more emotionally true experience and minimizes distracting elements such as blood, harsh medical equipment, etc. It softens the image and allows the central focus to be on the new family. I do include some color photos in your final proofs, at my discretion which would typically be images of your newborn.

How long can I expect to wait for my images?
I will have a sneak peek to you (usually consisting of 2 images) within 24 hours to share with family and friends. After that you can expect an email from Tiffany to schedule your viewing. Your images will be revealed to you in an intimate setting right inside your home with whoever you wish to attend.  Some mommas make this an ordeal and have a little birth viewing party!  This can range from you and your immediate family, to as many close friends and family as you wish.  I’ll bring the snacks!  Here you can add additional products on your order such as your video slideshow, albums, birth announcements and more.  You’ll also receive your USB with your images and a print release at this reveal.

What will you post on the World Wide Web for everyone and their grandma to see
Only your best images will be shared through the possibility of Facebook, blog, and my website. Beautiful birth images are often what inspire my clients to contact me so I encourage all clients to share what they are comfortable with so others can be equally inspired by your journey! I will never use images of a sensitive nature without your express permission. And even with your express permission, it is in my business’ best interest that my marketing and advertising efforts remain PG-rated! If you absolutely do not want your images used online in any way, I do offer a privacy option. Please inquire or check your contract for further details.