Session FAQs


If something doesn’t get answered here, please contact me for more info.  I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

Why do I need to hire a professional?  Can’t we just take the photos ourselves?
Sure. You can take photos yourself, in fact, I encourage you to!  Try taking your family photos once with a tripod and you’ll never do that again (lesson learned, ahem!).  Fussy children typically do better for someone other than mom.  Trust me to catch true interaction with your family and butter up to your husband with sarcastic remarks so he won’t complain too much about family photos (I may even get a real smile out of him).

When should I hire you?
I book sessions up to a year in advance.  I will always try to work with you and get you in, but I do ask for some courtesy.  Usually booking a month ahead of time (minimum) is a good idea. I am a planner, so I don’t at all mind an early bird!  I shoot on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.

All the fun stuff—booking, paying, etc.
You’ll contact me through email, or go through the inquire tab.  You’ll fill out a form and look over my contract.  You’ll be sent a welcome packet including wardrobe suggestions.  Your session fee needs to be paid in full to secure your spot via Paypal or check. If you choose to cancel it is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another date.

Where do you shoot?
Currently I shoot on-location.  Be thinking what sort of ‘feel’ you’re looking for–urban, country, park, field, playful, vintage, modern, etc. and we’ll go from there!  (My preference is nature)

When do you shoot?
Ideal lighting is sunrise or two hours before sunset.  I’m kind of a light snob so plan for early nap times if needed and be prepared for daylight savings!

What should I bring?
Bring your best and be open for a fun time!  Bring snacks and maybe a favorite toy.  I may ask you to do some crazy things, but that’s because I thrive on true interaction and not stuffy poses.  If you have props in mind, bring them! Otherwise, I’ll most likely be armed with a crate and quilt.

How many photos should I expect?
You’ll view 35-50 professionally retouched photos.  I pride myself in editing to bring out colors, draw the eye to certain spots, taking out a scratch or bruise (darn those things!) or stray hair, and really making your photo ‘pop’.

When should I expect my photos?
You’ll receive an email from Mike regarding your ordering session scheduled approximately 1 week from your shoot.  This is where you will have your images revealed, and you will place your order (digitals are not included, but are available for purchase).  Orders are delivered 3 weeks following.

What do you shoot with?
Ahhhh everyone’s favorite question.  Well, first the art truly takes place from an individual–not a piece of equipment.  People with simple DSLRs can create just as beautiful photographs. With that being said, though, I do take pride in having the best equipment to ensure my art is maximized. I shoot with my trusty Canon 5D Mark III and its trusty sidekicks the 85L and 35L 1.4.  On my dream list  is a 200mm 2.0 (you know when I have the extra $6K just lying around) and a macro.  I love yummy bokeh and warm, vibrant colors.