1:1 Mentoring


We love working with other photographers to hone their skills.  With 10 years of photography experience we’ve learned a lot!  There’s certainly no ‘easy button’ to running a photography business, but we’d love to help jumpstart your career walking alongside you and get you there faster.  Don’t have a business but want to take better photos?  Then this is for you too!  We have several categories of mentoring tailored specifically for you!  Also, we have no mile restriction as we feel there are plenty of clients for everyone and support community over competition.


Oh, and just because there’s strength in numbers book three and we’ll knock off $100.


Camera Basics | $500 | 5 hours, in person, lunch included


Ready to take on your camera?  I’ll share tips and tricks, best gear to have, we’ll master shooting in manual mode and literally learn every button on your camera and what it does.  This is very hands-on and a notebook is provided.  Be prepared for your mind to be blown!


Business | $500 | 4 hours, online


Probably one of the most crucial steps in your business but one of the most undesired (gets a little personal!).  We’ll look at your current status as a business owner and dive into your pricing, social media, website.  We’ll talk clients, marketing, taxes, competition, organization, and balancing family life.  Notes are provided and will be sent via email.


Newborn | $800 | 4 hours, in person


Probably one of the most challenge genres in the photography world!  You’ll shadow me in my studio for a session where you’ll learn lighting, posing, newborn safety, wrapping, and all things newborn related.  We’ll discuss newborn prep and you can even watch me edit a few photos after our session.  My newborn guide is included for you to adapt for your future sessions.


Portrait Sessions | $500 | 3 hours, in person


With the session of your choice (family, maternity, or senior) you’ll shadow me where you’ll learn posing, interaction, lighting, and getting that creamy background and pretty sun flare every time.  I’ll also send you my session prep guide!


Workflow | $300 | 2 hours, online


Want to know how to edit all of your photos and deliver them within hours of shooting?  Watch and I’ll save you some serious time!  Organization is my jam!  Photo Mechanic and Lightroom are recommended.


Editing | $500 | 4 hours, in person, lunch included

Over video conference or in person we’ll edit our eyeballs out on the session of your choice.  I’ll go over Lightroom, Photoshop, presets/actions, creating color and black and white images, basic workflow, and whatever else comes up pertaining to the session.  Here we’ll learn how to make your images really pop and take your editing to a whole new level.





As we team up with 9Sparrow Lane, our third annual Life Captured workshop will be held February 2018 where we go over shooting in manual mode, basic lighting and basic editing. A light lunch will be included. Seats always go fast so stay tuned!  You can see more info here: http://www.cottagestudio.net/life-captured-workshops/