|Cassie| Birth Momma of 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 4.43.50 PMTiffany captured so beautifully the birth of our second son. She was very respectful, non intrusive but captured every precious moment. She never detracted from the mood and was always supportive and uplifting. She was very personal and got to know us (she also did our maternity photos which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!) She seemed to capture our personalities and feelings, not just the events. You know when you just wish your mind could take a photograph and pray that you will remember every detail forever and ever, she captured that for me. SO THANKFUL she was there so that everyone involved could just live in the moment and not worry about getting pictures. We did a home birth so Tiffany was able to surprise us with some video as well! The clip she got of my oldest son meeting his brother for the first time is so tender and beautiful.