The T.Marie Experience

We are not your typical Photographers…

In our world today, you can find a photographer anywhere who can take your pictures and give you a cd of the images.  Considering the moments captured are with the people most precious to you, that is not enough.  Often times, you have one opportunity to capture important moments in life. Our fundamental commitment is to ensure your experience is unlike any other.



Here is a snapshot of the experience you can look forward to:

  1. Book your session, (we’ll send a few emails back and forth), fill out a form, look over my contract, and complete your session fee to save your spot.
  2. Pre-consultation with your photographer (via Skype, phone, or in-person)
    • We’ll plan your session and ensure I have a clear understanding of your vision and will offer suggestions and brainstorm any props needed.  Have questions?  Ask away!
  3. A fun photo session filled with laughs, smiles, and a little sarcasm.
    • The key to these sessions is to remember we are capturing life.  Drink a glass of wine (or pretend you have), loosen up, and I’ll guide your session for you so the stress isn’t on you!  We’ll always take a few ‘everyone smiling at the camera’ photos for grandmas.  However, my niche is capturing interaction and will help your little ones beg to take photos with you again.  If you’re not a singer, well get over it, we may be all loudly singing a Frozen song.
  4. An email that day detailing your ordering session and previews available products so you can plan for your reveal.
  5. Approximately a week later your image reveal (bring tissues) and ordering session with your product consultant (Mike).
    • You’ll see (and feel) samples of products.
    • You’ll rate your images from photos you can’t live without and down.
    • Your image review/ordering session will be an unforgettable experience, I promise.
  6. In approximately 3 weeks, your products will arrive in stunning vibrant colors and quality.
  7. Repeat next year (or just next occasion).

What are our clients saying?  See here.